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The company "Smaragdokipos" (Emerald Garden) was founded in March 1990 by Smaragda Tsakmakidou.

Her special relationship with plants and her love for nature led this young student of Agriculture Technology to make the daring decision to realize her ambitious dream. 

In the beginning, she settled in an open-air space with a small greenhouse in the center of Thessaloniki.

She focused her attention to indoor plants with great success. In the meantime, realizing the ever-increasing needs of the customers, she expanded her activities to include marketing of outdoor plants, flowerpots, medicines, fertilizers, and gardening items.  

In 1993, she moved to new, privately owned premises occupying an area of 300m2 in the centre of Thessaloniki (N. Egnatia Street), while turning her attention to the marketing of outdoor plants.

Meanwhile, she started a new activity, i.e., garden design and installation

Since 1995, "Smaragdokipos" has been following a course of rapid development. The company continuously broadens its range of products and improves their quality. 

In the meantime, the company never stops investing in new technologies and know-how, in order to continuously provide qualitative services meeting the ever-increasing needs of our customers.


At KENTRO KIPOU (GARDEN CENTRE) our thoughts are always turned to the individualized needs of our customers.. 

Based on our knowledge and our experience, we are in a position to offer solutions for any aesthetic and functional demand, thus rendering our customers our center of attention. 

The special requirements of our customers are the heart of our proposal in order to offer them the solutions they seek and satisfy all their needs.

We believe that verandahs and gardens are an integral part of the daily routine of every modern Greek. They are areas suitable for relaxation and amusement.  

They express their good taste and personality. Therefore, we have learned to "listen" to the deeper requirements of our customers.

The aim of our work is to provide high-quality and personal service of customers.  
In our "garden", our customer can find the following: a large variety of plants, qualitative and durable products and materials, a fully trained and skilled staff, reliable solutions and proposals, and, mostly a personal approach to any of their problems. 

These principles have helped us establish long-lasting relationships with our customers, which is why we are always faithful to them. Our vision is to provide every customer with functional solutions through qualitative processes, utilizing the most up-to-date and durable materials, investing in new technologies, and using our experience and our knowledge with consistency. 

At KENTRO KIPOU (GARDEN CENTRE), we feel obliged to satisfy the demands of the customers rewarding their preference. This fills us with confidence and assurance so as to continue doing what we know so well, i.e., make aesthetic and functional proposals thus totally satisfying the needs of our customers.